Lakers rookie Kuzma in an interview even behind the coach, said the team supports Wharton coach, he also likes to play for Walton.

Earlier, maillot detroit pistons the ball father once again shelling Lakers coach Wharton, will be 9-game losing streak to the Wharton head pot. Although Walton said in an interview do not care about the ball father's opinion, but the answer to the second place standings brother sounds a bit ambiguous, in the contest between his father and Wharton coach somewhat embarrassed.

However, another Lakers rookie Kuzma interview did not hesitate, standing firm coach Wharton here, "Luke is my boss, I like to play for him." Kuzma in the "Los Angeles Times "Said the reporter in an interview. Kuzma also said that what the father said is not important,  maillot de basket pas cherthe Lakers need to do is concentrate on competition.

"The teams need to be united, just like a big family,  maillot detroit pistonsand we just have to listen to those who helped our basketball career and the team supports Wharton and I know management supports him," Kuzma said.